summer is my favorite season but i definitely have a Level 10 Sweater Problem



hi yeah we’re neuroatypical trans kiddos who need a place to stay in brampton, mississuaga or toronto as soon as possible because of our parents transphobia and abusive tendencies. please please please we really need out of our house so if you could house us or signal boost this that would be great thank you so much.

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im really confused by people that thing all les amis were straight white boys? like………….theyre revolutionaries.  as if a huge group of straight white men looked at the status quo and decided “yeah this is unacceptable”

Bravery happens to different people in different ways. I think it could be as simple as saying what you mean. It could be as simple as being honest with who you are or who you love. I think it doesn’t have to be some courageous act where there’s a movie score in the background. I think bravery can happen in little tiny doses everyday.